BSI Global Design, Inc.


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BSI Global Design, Inc.

BSI Global Research and its Concept Testing Institute division has been a leader in innovative business, new product and economic market research for over forty years. Its major clients include IBM, AT&T/Bell Labs, FedEx, GE, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Citibank, BusinessWeek & Others.

"Business Panels", ongoing quarterly programs which track CEOs/CFOs/Top Management attitudes, opinions, plans and actions over 12-month cycles has been a specialty of BSI's over recent years, starting with IBM's "Office of the Future Panel" and today featuring two high-visibility PwC panels, "Trendsetter Barometer" and "Manufacturing Barometer." Findings appear regularly in WSJ, Forbes, BW, CBS/CNN/CNBC, Reuters news chain, trade magazines and leading business blogs.

BSI "Innovations" include Valuing technology ("Competing on Value," AMACOM); Concept testing models (Need, benefit & barriers to acquisition); SLEDS Functional work group (Market structure and new product segmentation); Customer satisfaction/expectations ("Customer Satisfaction"), and "BSI Triggers to US Business Growth" Indicator. Our Valuing technology work for IBM/Metaphor's Relational Database Software, conducted among P&G, Kraft, J&J, Clorox & six other leading US consumer business, deserves particular attention.

BSI "New product/service" research has been critical in the development of some important market winners for: IBM (Memory TW, PC-Net, SW); AT&T/Bell Labs (Cell-phones, Picture-phone, Electronic Blackboard); FedEx (Powership, Int'l Routes/Japan, Landlines, Value Pricing); GE (Large & Small Appliances, Smoke detector); Media positioning (BW, TV Guide); General Foods (Family Physician, Health Foods/Products); and Others.

BSI's founder & president, Peter S. Karp, co-authored two well-received marketing books with Mack Hanan, "Competing on Value" and "Customer Satisfaction" – Published by AMACOM.

BSI's "Information Technology" consulting work lead to the development of BSI Global Design, Inc. headed by Matthew Karp whose "smartshop" offers a wide array of advanced software development and thoughtful new solutions that add bottom-line business value.